About Me – New Chapters In Midlife

Kimberly Hall Personal Development and Career transition coach standing on a gravel ride with a cloudy sky and canola fields behind her.

Hi there, I’m Kim.

I’m an ICF Certified Coach, quiet leader, writer/photographer and nature inspired, prairie girl at heart who lives in Regina, Saskatchewan. Before I became a coach I had a 20-year career at a public library.

In June 2018, I was done. Fed up. Angry.

Workplace drama, politics and constant organizational turnover + change over a number of years left me feeling drained, deflated and disheartened.

During what was a routine meeting, my resolve to change my situation was as strong as it had ever been. It was the most ordinary of days, but one I remember clearly because after years of thinking about making a change, I started taking action to build a new career path as a coach from that day on. In July the following year, I left my job to begin building my coaching practice.

Many years prior to that in 2003, at 30, life threw me a curve-balI when I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. It was a daunting and challenging adjustment, especially when I felt like life and work were coming together for me.

The determination that carried me through that tough time and continues to help me to not let it define my life, is the same determination that fuelled my career change.

As a result, I’m deeply familiar with the practical and emotional aspects of change and transition.

Coaching, writing and photography are the ways I express creativity, one of my core values. 

I grew up in a very small town in Saskatchewan surrounded by fields, open space and endless prairie sky. While I’ve lived in a city ever since I left for university, being in nature continues to influence my values of inner peace, open-mindedness and creativity. 

I spent a lot of time in nature during the pandemic and discovered a new appreciation for its inherent rhythms and wisdom.

It made me realize one of the reasons I was drawn to coaching is because I understand that helping people through all the many different changes of stage is a powerful gift.

dragonfly symbolism change personal development life and career landed on Kimberly Hall's balcony

This dragonfly landed on my balcony (and stayed all night) on the day I decided to leave my long career at the library.

A dragonfly symbolizes transformation, change, wisdom, self-realization & new beginnings.

I took it as a sign the path I’d been intuitively growing towards for a very long time was off to a promising start.

That’s the thing about change…you never know where your inspiration will come from. However, if you’re open to it, you’ll get those little nudges from the universe to encourage you to keep going on your way.

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It was changing the stories I was telling myself about what I I could do that gave me the strength and resolve to make a daunting change in midlife.

For more about the Power of Stories click here.

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