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Kimberly Hall Personal Development Coach sitting on step smiling change and transformation

Transform Your Life & Career When You Find Yourself At A Crossroads

A thoughtful, creative & strengths-based approach to personal development, career/life transition & leadership in mid-to-later career.

dragonfly symbolismA dragonfly symbolizes the power of transformation.

It represents the heart of what I offer to help you get clarity on your path forward and take meaningful action to make it come alive.

Learn more about the Dragonfly Path or choose the path that’s right for you.

personal development and self-realization path

Personal Development & Self-realization Path

Create a path to your best self to truly come into your own and make the vision for your life and career come alive.

job change/career transition path

Job Change/Career Transition Path

Re-imagine the work you do (and the way you work) to connect with your values, talents and priorities.

leadership path thriving in the middle

Leadership Path for Middle Managers & Supervisors

Lead with your values, strengths, gifts and EQ to thrive on your terms and grow in your career.

Client Testimonials

Sun rays blue and green bokeh background to represent personal develpoment and change in life and career client testimonials

Finding Kim was like discovering gold!”

Colleen W. | Graphic Designer

“My intent was to refresh my company to include different creative aspects of my work. We made a workable plan that went far beyond my expectations and was somehow perfectly choreographed.

Although it involved serious introspection and questioning on my part,

I am more excited about my work than I have been in 30 years.

Her process is mainly a success due to her combination of being both analytical and intuitive as well as her outstanding ability to listen.

For anyone looking for career direction she really is gold.”

(I customized the Job Change/Career Transition Path to suit her needs)

Kim’s nurturing approach has allowed me to flourish at work and evolve as a leader.

Denise W-L. | Sales and Marketing Manager

“She is insightful, inspiring and subtly introduces fresh perspectives when working through leadership issues.

By utilizing strengths I didn’t realize I had, I have facilitated significant positive changes within my teams due to Kim’s guidance.

I highly recommend Kim as an outstanding Personal Development Coach.”

(Thriving In The Middle Leadership Path for Managers & Supervisors initially and now monthly coaching sessions)

yellow canola field, blue sky representing personal develpment
path through a forest representing a new career path

Kim was the coach I needed to prepare me for a mid-career transition.

Paul F. | High School Teacher

“The process of change was harder than I thought it would be and she was a steady rock through the ups and downs of my emotions and doubts.

She helped me discover my strengths and see how these qualities and skills could be applied to a new career path and provided timely advice and support throughout the process.

I feel well prepared and confident to meet the challenges that career change brings thanks to Kim’s help and professionalism.”

(Job Change/Career Transition Path)

Kim, it’s my birthday. Not my birth day, but the anniversary of when I decided I had enough of my life as it was and to begin a new journey. Happy spirit birthday to me.

Chris S. | Financial Planner

I’m grateful for your support, insights and guidance along the way.

Thank you for continuing to walk with me on this journey.”

(Personal Development & Self-Realization Path initially and now coaching sessions every two months)

bleeding hearts representing personal development change and transformation

What Would You Like Help to Change?

pic of Kimberly Hall Personal Development coach wearing a pink ball cap standing on a gravel road with a canola field behind her representing change in life and career

Hi, I’m Kim.

I’m a Certified Professional Coach and quiet leader. My approach to personal development, leadership and life/career transition is

thoughtful, strategic and strengths-based.

You are a unique individual. I don’t believe in cookie cutter coaching programs. My goal is to help you make the most of your crossroads by

helping you define your vision for the future, build on what’s working for you and help you change what’s getting in your way of making it come alive.

I use well-known tools, assessments and other resources that will enhance our work together. They will provide you with information about different aspects of who you are and the goals you are working towards to offer you a fresh perspective and new insights. However,

the foundation of our work together will be conversations that help you find the answers you need to move forward.

One of the first things we’ll do is clarify and define your values and priorities to guide your next steps.

Coaching, writing and photography are the ways I express creativity, one of my core values.

I grew up in a very small town in Saskatchewan surrounded by fields, open space and endless prairie sky. While I’ve lived in a city ever since I left for university, being surrounded by vast open space influenced my values of inner peace, open-mindedness and creativity.

I have deep appreciation for the rhythms and wisdom of nature. I know now there are also rhythms and wisdom that comes with profound change.

The first is now deeply ingrained in me through the lens of photography. The latter after experiencing changes, personally and professionally, that inspired my own personal development and growth.

I understand the practical and emotional aspects of change and transformation that can derail progress

because I’ve been at a crossroads, too.

Would you like talk about where you are right now and where you’d like to be?

Schedule a conversation with me.
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Why A Dragonfly?

dragonfly symbolism change personal development life and career landed on Kimberly Hall's balcony

This dragonfly landed on my balcony (and stayed all night) at a pivotal time in my career crossroads story several years ago. It happened on the day I decided to leave my long career at a public library.

During a scary and exciting time, I took it as a sign the path I’d been intuitively growing towards for quite some time was off to a promising start.

That’s the thing about change…you never know where your inspiration will come from. However, if you’re open to it, you’ll get those little nudges from the universe from time to time to encourage you to keep going on your way.

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