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Embracing Change.

I’ll help you choose a path that encourages your growth and well-being when you’re at a crossroads in your career.

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Hi, I’m Kim.

Being at a crossroads is an opportunity to be thoughtful about what path will create opportunities to have more of what you want in your work and life and then change what is getting in your way from making it happen.

I’m a Certified Coach and my expertise is in helping people change what is preventing them from achieving their goals, dreams and ambitions by focusing on personal development.

With greater self-awareness, you’ll have a deeper understanding of what you are capable of achieving and what conditions encourage your well-being, growth and success that’s meaningful to you, instead of fuelling your frustration and stress.

I’ll hold you accountable to make decisions that align with your values and strengths, that feel good in your heart (and your mind) and support your lifestyle.

That will help you to choose the path that makes you happier, more fulfilled and challenges you to continue to grow.

What I love most about being a coach is when during the process you reach your breakthrough on what that path is. My mission is to provide the environment to make this transformation happen.

Whether that means changing your relationship with work, rejuvenating your current career, pursuing a different opportunity or going in an entirely new direction,

Experiencing that mixture of relief, excitement and clarity about is when changes you’ve made inwardly, start to show outwardly and you begin to come into your own.

Personal Development Coaching Plans & Pricing

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Change & Transformation

1:1 Coaching

*Includes Email Coaching for Deep Thinkers & Writers @ Heart

Kimberly Hall Personal Development Coach

Thriving In the Middle

Leadership Coaching For Middle Managers, Supervisors & Team Leads

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Kim is a quiet leader who has the vision to identify opportunities for growth and to encourage change. She’s optimistic and encouraging, and her calm disposition and sound judgment helps her bring to light the best qualities in others.

Linda Pasquale, Professor, Algonquin College

Kim has an ability to foster the best in people. She can identify an individual’s strengths and opportunities for their growth and transformation. She is fantastic at building relationships and passionate about coaching others to do the same.

Donna Deiana, Regina, SK

I’m a writer at heart. Click here to go back to the coaching plans or continue on to learn what I know about being at a crossroads, inspiration and embracing change.

Dragonfly Symbolism

dragonfly symbolism Kimberly Hall change and transformation

A dragonfly symbolizes new beginnings, change and transformation, self-realization, wisdom, emotional maturity and adaptability.

This dragonfly landed on my balcony on the day I submitted my application to the coaching program at Rhodes Wellness College in Vancouver.

On that beautiful July evening a few years ago, the dragonfly stayed all night (I checked in the middle of the night). That hadn’t happened before, or since. I took it as a sign I was ready for the path I’d been quietly and intuitively growing towards for quite some time.

That’s the thing about change…you never know where your inspiration will come from. However, if you’re open to it, you’ll get those little nudges from the universe from time to time to encourage you to keep going on your way.

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How Did You Arrive At Your Crossroads?

Kimberly Hall Coach at a crossroads

For me, it was after almost two decades in my previous career at a public library. Workplace drama, politics and constant organizational change left me disheartened and drained. Meanwhile, it was exhausting only having time to be reactive instead of proactive in my role as a supervisor.

Added to that, my job was changing. I already knew I was capable of rising to the occasion and adapting to new situations. However, these where changes I didn’t care to adapt to because they didn’t align with my strengths.

Most of all… I was changing, too.

My priorities were shifting and I wanted them to match my values. My interests in personal development, leadership, emotional intelligence and well-being at work were expanding.

Because I worked in an often chaotic environment and because I live with a chronic disease (Type 1 Diabetes), I had (and continue to have) a solid handle on managing challenges and unforeseen circumstances with a healthy, optimistic outlook.

I was ready to stop holding myself back from what I really wanted to do.

Change is daunting…leaving the known for the unknown.

To honour the part of myself that was changing, it meant choosing to leave my job.

Still, it felt like there was a lot at stake. A good pension, benefits, job security, five weeks vacation, a sense of belonging – leaving wasn’t a frivolous decision.

Change brings up a whole range of emotions and feelings.

Change is exciting…a fresh start, new possibilities.

Instead of shrinking from it and avoiding it, I was ready to embrace it and create the future I envisioned by becoming a coach and helping people thrive at work through personal development.

So, I made it happen (with a lot of coaching and support).

What's your next step at your career crosroads

What do you want to do to make the most of your crossroads?

We’ll work together to make it happen.

Send me a message or book a complimentary call to get started.

My pricing is published so we can have a conversation, not a sales call.

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