3 Good Things To Transform Your Life & Career

3 Good Things To Transform Your Life & Career

3 good things values, strengths and emotional intelligence

Values + Strengths + Emotional Well-being

3 Good Things is the foundation of my coaching philosophy.

3 Good Things is the path that leads to sustainable and meaningful change, self-realization, emotional maturity and new beginnings in your life and career.

My approach is that your best path forward will…

  • Feel good in your heart (living your values for this stage of your life & work) 
  • Align with what matters to you (for a strong inner compass to guide the next stage of your work and life.) 
  • Connect intentionally to your talents and gifts (building on your strengths for more energy, flow & satisfaction) and
  • Encourage you to show up in a way that allows you, and those around you, to thrive (emotional intelligence & agility for a better relationship with yourself, and others)
  • Work for you (by offering you a fresh perspective to overcome,and sometimes simply making peace with, beliefs and actions that get in your way from achieving your goals)

3 Good Things To Transform Your Life & Career

Setting Your Inner Compass: Values + Purpose + Priorities

core values

Your core values influence your career values, the impact you want to make and the environment you want to work in.

Connecting to your inner self will help you to be thoughtful and strategic about what needs to change.

When you have big decisions ahead of you, defining your values is the first step in deciding how to move forward.

You’ll be provided with a Values Clarification Workbook prior to our first session.

Read more about setting your inner compass…
  • You’ll live and lead with integrity as well as with more clarity because you have a strong compass to guide you.
  • That will help you make good decisions when faced with conflicting information.
  • And help you prioritize your work and that of your team when you’re responsible for others which makes for a calmer environment.
  • When your work is chaotic, your values will help you stay grounded because you can focus on what’s important in the moment.

Identifying Your Strengths, Natural Talents & Unique Gifts

identify strengths block letters

A healthy career is built on your natural patterns of excellence.

Work is meant to be challenging and to stretch your abilities, but not drown you.

Know & use your strengths + natural qualities to increase energy, have more flow in your work and to gauge how your current work aligns with them.

We’ll acknowledge your “weaknesses” (aka areas of lesser strength), but spend more time developing your strengths. It’s how you’ll experience the most growth and satisfaction. 

We’ll use CliftonStrengths 34 and other resources to help you get clarity on your strengths and natural talents.

Read more about engaging your strengths…

  • Get unstuck from limiting beliefs that are holding you back.
  • Stop undervaluing yourself and comparing yourself to others.
  • You have unique abilities only you bring to the table. We’ll identify them so you can use and expand them.
  • Take more risks (the good kind) because you know you have the ability to achieve more.
  • Enjoy more energy and flow plus be more engaged because you are applying your natural talents in your work.
  • The things you’re not as good at won’t seem as daunting because you know the things you are good at.
  • Ripple effect – you’ll encourage others to use their strengths. You’ll help create more engagement and capacity in others.

Connecting Your Heart & Mind for Greater Well-being

eq brains plus heart

Show up in a way that allows you, and those around you, to thrive.

  • We’ll work on managing stress & change,
  • Creating quality relationships,
  • Building resilience,
  • Dealing with conflict, setting boundaries and
  • Habits that support your well-being and peace of mind.

A combination of both emotional agility and emotional intelligence to know yourself better and respond optimally to everyday situations using your unique traits.

To focus on leadership, we’ll use the EQ-i 2.0 Emotional Intelligence assessment. We’ll use other resources to work on specific issues that are getting in your way from showing up as your best self.

Read more about benefits of focusing on your emotional well-being…
  • Knowing how you feel, what your triggers are and how your behaviour impacts others allows you to choose a better response.
  • Helps you move from being reactive to proactive.
  • Staying calm when experiencing varying emotions helps your stress tolerance.
  • Finding the good in a situation and moving towards solutions instead of fixating on what’s not working encourages more optimism.
  • Managing and resolving conflicts means issues don’t escalate.
  • Having an open mind, appreciating differing perspectives and acknowledging your biases fosters innovation, creativity and inclusion.

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