Navigating Change & Transition: How We’ll Craft Your Next Chapter

navigating change and transition in midlife

Living your values, identifying your strengths and managing your emotions are essential tools for successfully navigating change and transition in midlife.

Here’s why:

  1. Clarity: When you’re clear about your core values, you can use them as a compass to guide your decisions, ensuring that the path you choose aligns with your authentic self.
  2. Boost Confidence & Resilience: Identifying your strengths and natural talents allows you to leverage your unique abilities and build on them during periods of change, boosting your confidence and resilience.
  3. Stability: Managing your emotions provides the stability needed to navigate the inevitable ups and downs of midlife transitions, helping you stay focused, adaptable and at ease within yourself.

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Set Your Inner Compass: Values + Purpose + Priorities

Your core values are what illuminates your path through life. They influence every facet of your life, shaping the impact you aim to make and the environments you thrive in.

Your work begins by connecting with your inner self to define your values, priorities and purpose to set a solid foundation for decisions that propel you forward.

This will also enable me to help you navigate change thoughtfully and strategically.

To kickstart this process, you’ll receive a Values Workbook before our first session.

Play to Your Strengths & Natural Talents

Gain a deeper appreciation of your natural patterns of excellence and unique gifts.

Work should be a place where you’re pushed to excel, but not to the point of drowning. Even if you’ve built your career on particular skills and abilities, it’s crucial to assess whether you’ve truly leveraged your unique strengths and gifts to their fullest.

Knowing & using your strengths + natural qualities will increase your energy, you’ll have more flow, satisfaction, creativity and opportunities for growth. It truly is life-enhancing to embrace your strengths.

We’ll acknowledge your “weaknesses” (aka areas of lesser strength), but spend more time developing your strengths identified in your CliftonStrengths 34 assessment, as well as other tools and resources.

It’s how you’ll experience the most growth and satisfaction. 

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heart and mind emotional intelligence and emotional agility

Connect Your Heart & Mind for Greater Well-being

Show up in a way that allows you, and those around you, to thrive.

Your ability to navigate the intricacies of your emotions is vital for your well-being.

This part of our coaching partnership focuses on managing stress and change, cultivating meaningful relationships, building resilience, handling conflicts, defining boundaries, and adopting habits that nurture your peace of mind.

It empowers you to understand yourself better and optimally respond to everyday situations, making use of your unique traits.

For leadership focused development, we’ll use the EQ-i 2.0 Emotional Intelligence assessment.

We’ll use other resources and assessments to work on specific issues that are getting in your way from showing up in a way you feel good about it.

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