Thriving In the Middle

Thriving In the Middle:

For managers, supervisors & team leads (and anyone else who is a boss and has a boss) to show up as their best self to make a meaningful impact as a leader.

Thriving In the Middle empowers you to enjoy a healthy balance between your professional goals and personal needs. Talk out challenges, frustrations and take charge of your experience at work.

Build on your values, strengths and emotional intelligence for a strong inner compass to guide you, stretch your abilities, be an authentic & empathetic leader and manage stress for a sustainable, thriving career that creates opportunities for professional growth and personal well-being.  

thriving in the middle

*Check with your workplace about being reimbursed for coaching either through a professional/personal development plan or health/well-being plan.

As a leader from the middle, you’re a motivator, confidante, coach, trainer, strategist, problem solver…

you do it all!

Who really knows what’s going on in your organization? I bet you do. You directly impact the performance of your team as well as your customers’ experiences.

You are responsible for implementing changes and, of course, that often brings up a lot of emotions, opinions and discussions!

Added to that, while you’re motivating and inspiring your team to stretch their abilities to meet new challenges, you’re also working through your own feelings and opinions about what’s happening.

Managing all the demands on your time, different personalities, expectations and situations that come up unexpectedly is mentally taxing.

It’s easy to lose track of yourself, and over time that leads to exhaustion, anxiety and stress. Because of this, you need just as much, if not more, support to succeed than those in positions above you. I personally know this to be true! I was a front-line supervisor at a public library for 20 years. That experience and my deep interests in personal development, well-being at work and emotional intelligence is why I help people who lead from the middle thrive at work.

I coach 1:1. It’s in this environment that lasting breakthroughs occur most consistently.

3 Good Things For A Thriving Career

Get the confidential and personalized support you need to enjoy a thriving career.

Boost your confidence and clarity about your unique gifts, talents and strengths.

Lead with authenticity and integrity while supporting a strong, healthy, engaged team. Enjoy career satisfaction and increased overall well-being.

All coaching partnerships begin with clarifying your values, purpose and priorities.

*Includes email coaching between sessions. Get help + support to work through problems, ask questions, share a win or aha moment. I’ll share questions, insights and articles relevant to what we’re working through in our sessions.

*I use CliftonStrengths 34 for Strengths-based coaching and EQ-i 2.0 Emotional Intelligence Leadership Report for EQ Coaching. If you’ve previously completed one of these assessments we will incorporate your results in our sessions.

Play to Your Strengths

One of the best ways to feel empowered and confident is to use your strengths intentionally.

When using your strengths, you:

  • Have a sense of energy and engagement; this is called flow
  • Often lose your sense of time because you are so engrossed in the task
  • Rapidly learn new information and approaches
  • Show high levels of performance
  • Want to do things that use your strengths, even when you are tired or stressed

While it’s helpful to be aware of and manage your weaknesses, you are much more likely to find success by growing the talents and abilities that are most natural to you.

When you lead from the middle, strong emotional intelligence is your biggest asset to enjoying and succeeding in your role.

Show up in a way that allows you, and those around you, to feel good. We’ll work on managing stress, adapting to/leading change with more ease and less angst, building relationships including dealing with conflict and difficult interactions, setting boundaries and habits that support authentic leadership, well-being and peace of mind. 


12 sessions + Values Workbook + CliftonStrengths 34 + EQ-i 2.0 Leadership Assessment + support by email between sessions

Sessions every 2 weeks – approximate 6 month investment.

$2574.00 (or 6 monthly payments of $429)

Remember to check with your workplace about being reimbursed for coaching.

What‘s your biggest challenge to thriving at work?

Location Regina, SK Hours Online Coaching Sessions
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