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Spirit of Adventure Mindset & Coaching is for people who are at a Life and Career Crossroads, and are dreaming about going in a new direction or doing something different.

Are you thinking about a new adventure?

  • Changing your career?
  • Applying for your dream job?
  • Starting your own business?
  • Volunteering and travelling?

I specialize in helping people in mid-life to take purposeful action, based on their values and with a spirit of adventure, to make that big change in their career and life that they’ve been dreaming about.

My coaching philosophy is that a Spirit of Adventure provides a fresh perspective and a fresh start to to achieve your goals. It gives you the freedom to explore what matters to you in an environment that encourages and supports your personal development.

To get started, the Spirit of Adventure Mindset is geared towards optimism, openness, curiosity, connection, and courage. This mindset guides all my coaching sessions. I encourage my clients to adopt this mindset when experiencing challenges and pursuing new opportunities.

When your life is built on the choices you’ve made on your current path, being at a crossroads can be daunting…

It can be daunting to consider going in a new a direction or trying something new, but it’s also normal to grow and evolve as you go through life, and to honour that part of yourself.

With a Spirit of Adventure, I will help you make sense of where you’re at right now and help you create a plan to to turn your goals and dreams into reality.

Spirit of Adventure

What matters to you?

After our Discovery Call, I’ll create a customized offering based on your unique situation, motivation, and goals.

3 sessions $350

6 sessions $650

Individual session $125

Samples of What

Spirit of Adventure Offers

Map Your Adventure

Adventure begins

Getting Your Feet Wet

An introduction to planning your next move – whether it’s a career change, planning a sabbatical or your dream trip – it’s about making sure your next move aligns with your values and what is truly meaningful to you at this stage of your life.

  • Groundwork – What’s important to you? What’s working in your life? What’s missing?
  • Exploration – Career or New Experiences
  • Create Your Map – Planning and Goal Setting

Adventure Awaits

adventure awaits

Embracing the Next Stage

Are you ready for change, and want to set yourself up for success from the beginning?

We’ll cover topics like setting a solid, meaningful, realistic goal; problem solving (nothing ever goes exactly as planned); and embracing the experience, so that the ups and downs of change don’t seem quite so daunting.

  • Groundwork – What’s important to you? What’s working in your life? What’s missing?
  • Create Your Map– Planning and Goal Setting
  • Wheel’s Up – Putting Your Plan in Motion
  • Delays – Problem Solving
  • Way-finding – Embracing the Unknown
  • Soaking It Up – Enjoying the Experience

Book your Discovery Call today or send me an email to get started!

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