Spirit of Adventure

Spirit of Adventure Life Coaching is for the dreamers, the idea people, the follow your heart people, and the anything is possible people.

Are you thinking about:

  • Changing your career?
  • Applying for your dream job?
  • Starting your own business?
  • Volunteering and travelling?

When you are at a Life and Career Crossroads, and dreaming about going in a new direction or doing something different this is the place for you.

spirit of adventure life coaching
I like to think of ideas as potential energy. They’re really wonderful, but nothing will happen until we risk putting them into action.
Mae Jemison

Spirit of Adventure Life Coaching gives you the freedom to explore what matters to you in an environment that encourages and supports your personal development.

You’ll take purposeful action, based on your strengths and natural talents, and with a spirit of adventure, to make that big change in your career and life that you’ve been dreaming about.

To get started, the Spirit of Adventure Mindset is:

  • optimism
  • openness
  • curiosity
  • connection
  • courage

This mindset guides all my coaching sessions. I encourage my clients to adopt this mindset when experiencing challenges and pursuing new opportunities.

When your life is built on the choices you’ve made on your current path, being at a crossroads can be daunting…

It can be daunting to consider going in a new a direction or trying something new, but it’s also normal to grow and evolve as you go through life, and to honour that part of yourself.

Ups and downs, and adversity and risk are part of the process when working towards a goal or making big changes. With a Spirit of Adventure Mindset combined with coaching, your confidence and productivity increases, along with your peace of mind, and sense of well-being. A shift in thinking creates a fresh perspective and empowers you to take action that moves you towards your goals.

Spirit of Adventure is inspired by my own experience changing my career in mid-life and supported by my coaching training.

Kim was instrumental in helping me feel good about my decision to retire, while at the same time moving to a larger space so I could pursue my creative interests once I did. She is self confident, supportive, clearheaded, compassionate, and creative.

Alice Frederick

Follow Your Passion or Your Career Path

Spirit of Adventure

Life Coaching

Plans & Pricing

(I’d also love to to customize a plan that supports you to make your dream a reality.)

Re-imagining Your Future

This is about making sure your next steps aligns with your strengths and values and what is truly meaningful to you at this stage of your life.

It then moves into building a solid foundation for yourself so that when you’re ready, you are prepared for the ups and downs of pursuing your dream.

Spirit of Adventure will help you achieve that.

  1. Career/Life Session
  2. Using Your Strengths*
  3. Planning and Goal Setting
  4. Putting Your Plan in Motion
  5. Problem Solving
  6. Enjoying the Process

*Includes CliftonStrengths 34 assessment.

6 Sessions / 3 months $750

Additional sessions:

$125 per session

$350 for three sessions

Re-imagining Your Future


Pay for Plan


This plan builds on Re-imagining Your Future.

The first six sessions are about building a solid foundation for yourself. The following six sessions provide support and accountability as you take action to purse your dream.

Believe me, things comes up as you go through the process and having a coach to help you work through them is invaluable!

12 sessions to support you as you move forward towards your dream.

*Includes CliftonStrengths 34 Assessment

12 sessions + email coaching / 6 months $1950

$1825 if paid in full or $950 if paid in two installments.


Ready…Set…Go! Full Payment


Pay For Plan

Ready…Set…Go! Installment Payment


Pay For Plan

Book a call here or send me a message to get started.

Kimberly Hall Life Coach

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