Dragonfly Path

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Dragonfly Path:

Through the exploration of your inner self to tap into your wisdom and innate talents, create a path that leads to continued growth, well-being & success on your terms.

A dragonfly appeared at a pivotal time in my career crossroads story several years ago when I took the first step to move on from my 20-year career at a public library. It represents the heart of what I offer.

The Dragonfly Path provides a safe and powerful space for you to move forward with purpose and clarity into your desired future.

To get started I’ll get to know you through your stories about your experiences, frustrations, influences & ambitions.

As the listener, the stories you tell me hold clues to your values and priorities as well as

what speaks to your heart, what lights you up and

identifies the gaps between where you are now and where you want to be.

It’s how you begin to move forward when you’re at a crossroads and how you continue to grow and realize your potential.

That’s the power of stories, the power of 1:1 coaching and the starting point for our work together.

*Please book a complimentary consultation below to customize your plan. Remember to check with your workplace about being reimbursed for coaching through a personal/professional development plan or health/well-being plan.

What’s included in the Dragonfly Path and my commitment to you:

values inner compass

Setting Your Inner Compass: Values + Purpose + Priorities

Your core values influence your career values, the impact you want to make and the environment you want to work in.

Connecting to your inner self and true intentions will help to be thoughtful and strategic about what needs to change.

Your purpose in life has a lot to do with what kind of impact you want to make in the world and the way you want to live. This is clarified and defined by your values.

When you have big decisions ahead of you, defining your values is the first step in deciding how to move forward.

strengths 1:1 coaching

Identifying Your Strengths, Natural Talents & Unique Gifts

A healthy career is built on your natural patterns of excellence.

Work is meant to be challenging and to stretch your abilities, but not drown you.

Know & use your strengths + natural qualities to increase energy, have more flow in your work and to gauge how your current work aligns with them.

We’ll acknowledge your “weaknesses” (aka areas of lesser strength), but spend more time developing your strengths. It’s how you’ll experience the most growth and satisfaction. 

We’ll use CliftonStrengths 34 and otheer taleent toolsto help you get clarity on your strengths, natural talents and unique gifts.

emotional intelligence 1:1 coaching

Managing Yourself – Emotional Intelligence & Agility

Show up in a way that allows you, and those around you, to thrive.

  • We’ll work on managing stress & change,
  • Creating quality relationships,
  • Building resilience,
  • Dealing with conflict, setting boundaries and
  • Habits that support your well-being and peace of mind.

We’ll use the principles of emotional agility and the EQ-i 2.0 Emotional Intelligence Assessment to develop the aspects of your EQ which will benefit your leadership, relationship-building and well-being the most.

Dragonfly Path Customized Coaching Plan

  • Approximate 6 month commitment
  • 13 1:1 Coaching sessions
  • Unlimited Email Coaching

$2574 (or 6 monthly payments of $429).

Additional resources we can draw on during our partnership:

  • Creativity Coaching
  • Articles and book recommendations relevant to your life and work (I worked at a public library for 20 years, research and finding resources on your behalf is my jam!)
  • Employment Strategy, including résumé review & tips
  • Job Interview Strategy + Coaching

*3 month plans where we focus on a specific issue that is stopping you from thriving are also an option. Please book a call and we’ll discuss further during your consultation.

burgundy flourish paint streak

Why I’m passionate about creating your plan:

There isn’t a one size fits all solution when it comes to personal growth and sustainable, meaningful change.

I know this for sure.

It’s not about me telling you what you should do or the path you should take. That’s not how coaching works. I won’t assume that what worked for me when I was at a crossroads or someone else, will work for you.

The Dragonfly Path is about finding out what works for you.

Change and growth are not straightforward.

They don’t fit into a tidy package.

What you think you want before you begin coaching may change and evolve as you gain self-awareness and confidence about what’s possible for you to achieve.

In fact, that’s almost always what happens.

As well, things often come up…you need to have a difficult conversation to get to the other side of a problem, a bad bout of imposter syndrome sets in or you realize you need to be more assertive to get what you want…whatever is getting in your way, we’ll work together to help you through it.

Sometimes you’ll feel uncomfortable and messy (trust the process is something I’ll say to you often when you experience the messy middle!), however it’s

incredibly empowering and inspiring to come into your own and feel like you are using your gifts, knowledge and experience intentionally.

It’s about bringing out your best and helping you having the courage to get honest with yourself because that will help you make decisions that support your growth, well-being and ambitions.

I’ll provide insights, support, inspiration and tools to hold you accountable to take purposeful action that

feels good in your heart and moves you toward change you tell me matters to you and are capable of achieving.

Change is a process and six months allows enough time for meaningful, sustainable change to happen.

What are you determined to do in your lifetime?

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