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You Do It All!

You’re a leader and motivator, a mediator, a coach, a confidante, a strategist, a problem solver, a trainer…

How often do you feel like this?

(It was practically every day for me during my last four years at the library while we were going through so much change!)

Career Coaching is a deep dive into empowering you to use your strengths and emotional intelligence to show up at work as your best, most authentic self during a tough time in your career. It will help you boost your confidence, resilience and leadership abilities to regain career satisfaction and well-being. It will also ready you to advance on your career path.

Career Coaching Features

Getting Started

All coaching plans begin with two Career & Life Sessions. The first session is about the current state of your career – what’s working, what’s not, what challenges you are in the midst of and how your experience at work is impacting the rest of your life.

In the second session you’ll identify your values and define what is truly important to at this stage of your life and career to help you clarify your personal and professional goals.

Strengths + Emotional Intelligence

Next, we’ll focus on your Strengths. It’s so empowering to take ownership of who you are and how you can build on your natural abilities to challenge yourself, reach your potential and intentionally apply your strengths to do your best work. You’ll receive your CliftonStrengths 34 report and we’ll focus on your Top 5 Strengths.

Well-being at work

Building on your strengths, we’ll move onto Emotional Intelligence. Learning to manage your emotions both within yourself and in your personal and professional relationships helps you cope with stress and enjoy greater peace of mind. Particularly, if you struggle with being a leader, I highly recommend developing your emotional intelligence (and believe me, your team is looking to you for leadership).

As a middle manager or supervisor, the thing you do the most is interact with people! Developing your Emotional Intelligence helps you become more confident in yourself and that will help you as a leader.

If you’re planning on moving up in your career, developing your leadership skills opens up a clearer path for advancement.

Well-developed Emotional Intelligence is key in all of these situations!

Career Coaching and Leadership

Transform Your Career Amidst Challenging Times

Everyone experiences struggles at work at some point in their career.

(And usually in those struggles are opportunities for growth.)

When you need coaching + support to help you navigate a tough time at work and emerge stronger and more sure of yourself, my most in-depth coaching plan could be a good fit for you.

It includes Strengths and Emotional Intelligence coaching, as well as support + feedback to help make decisions and good choices when faced with difficult issues and circumstances.

Doing the Emotional Intelligence questionnaire was interesting, and receiving the Leadership Report was eye-opening. 

It was having Kim’s insight and expertise in interpreting the results, though, that made it something I can use to improve my skills. Without Kim it would have been just an interesting report; she has made it an invaluable tool for furthering my personal development and my career.

Carol Jones

Career Coaching Plans to Empower You at Work

(and in the rest of your life, too!)

Strengths + Emotional Intelligence

  • 2 Career & Life Sessions
  • Strengths Discovery Session
  • EQ-i 2.0 survey + plus report + debriefing session
  • 2 additional sessions – building on your Strengths or EQ


6 sessions + Coaching By Email

Approximate 3 Month Commitment

Strengths + Emotional Intelligence


Pay For Plan

This plan is designed to give you the tools, knowledge and self-awareness to take charge of your career and life.

Rise to the Challenge

  • 2 Career & Life Sessions
  • Strengths Discovery Session
  • EQ-i 2.0 assessment + debriefing session
  • 6 additional sessions – building on your Strengths & EQ to rise to the challenge
  • Unlimited Coaching By Email
  • 10 Quick Calls when you feel stuck, need support, or to celebrate a breakthrough


10 sessions + 10 Quick Calls + Coaching By Email

Approximate 5 Month Commitment

$385 per month or $1800 when paid in full

Zoom sessions, Coaching by Email, and Quick Calls…you’ll be well supported through challenging times to emerge stronger and more sure of yourself.

Rise to the Challenge Full Payment


Pay For Plan

Rise to the Challenge Monthly Payment


Pay for Plan

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