Aurora Borealis

Aurora Borealis in Southern Saskatchewan March 23/23

My aim for 2023 is “more joy”. Recently, in Southern Saskatchewan witnessing such spectacular Aurora was definitely joyful!

My partner and I often go out into the country on our photography adventures. This was at least our 10th time chasing the northern lights. A bucket list night, for sure!

There was lots of jumping up and down. Standing in the middle of the road, in the middle of nowhere and clapping! And “wow, wow, wows!” as the Aurora danced and changed colours around us.

What’s On Your Bucket List?

Photography is my creative outlet. Many of my bucket list items are related to taking pictures of animals in the wild, weather phenomena, sunrises/sunsets in different landscapes, etc.

One of the many reasons I enjoy nature photography is that it’s a mix of… 

Strategy (putting yourself in the best place/right time to get an interesting shot), 
Adaptability (being open to what transpires around you),
Creativity (using your unique perspective/talent to capture what you see) and
Determination (doing all the “right” things, putting in the effort and keep showing up until you reach your goal because it’s meaningful to you).  

When I’m taking pictures, I’m open to what’s in front of me in the moment. My only aim is to showcase what’s unique and interesting, speaks to my heart or captures a moment in time that is fleeting.

It’s very similar to my approach to coaching.

What Are Your Unique Talents?

My goal is to shine a light on each individual’s best qualities. The ones they think are no big deal. Ones they think that “everyone” has. Or ones they’ve downplayed through most of their life because somewhere along the way they were made to feel like they should hide those parts of themselves.

Your values, strengths and natural talents are the source of your uniqueness, power and potential. We all have to things in our lives and at work that we don’t like to do or we’re not as good at. But, especially if you’re feeling stuck or struggling, playing to your strengths is the way to a healthier, more satisfying path forward.

What makes you unique? The world needs more of what you offer. Remember that if you’re feeling stuck or struggling.

Helpful tip! Check out an app called My Aurora Forecast if you’re interested in tracking/chasing Aurora Borealis. Generally, if the KP is 5 or higher and the viewing probability says 25% or higher, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to see them if you get far enough beyond city lights.

And even if you don’t see them, you’ll have had a bit of an adventure. We all need more adventures!

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