Career Change

I came across this video recently and it captures exactly how the experience of career change was for me. It actually made me a little emotional. Deciding to go down a new path is scary, exhilarating, terrifying, empowering…so many words can be used to describe the experience!

In my case, I had worked at the same place for a long time. I wasn’t completely miserable, but I felt out of sorts with the work I was doing. I experienced a lot stress in the previous three years, and knew in my heart I needed to move on. Of course, I could have just applied for other jobs. However, I felt it was an opportunity to be thoughtful about changing my career. I thought, what kind of contribution I did I want to make for the second half of my life and career building on what I’ve enjoyed about the roles I’ve had and what I’ve learned?

Career change doesn’t happen overnight

Stage 4 Exhaustion is when I realized I would have to create my own path forward and start building the foundation for my career change. Stage 5 Departure is when I applied to the Life Coaching program at Rhodes Wellness College in Vancouver. I was very particular about the training path I wanted to take to build my career as a coach. For example, a lot of coach training programs will take your money, but not do any sort of inquiry about you. It was a process to apply at Rhodes! I had to submit my résumé, write a statement about why I wanted to take the program, provide three written references, and participate in a telephone interview. The program focuses on the 11 Core Competencies of the International Coach Federation and sets a strong foundation for learning. It also focuses on experiential learning which means my classmates and I learned to coach by coaching one another.

This provided the strong foundation for my new career. I knew that coaching related to work was going to be the purpose of my offerings – career crossroads/transition and well-being at work with a focus on emotional intelligence, so I pursued related education and experiences. I’m a Certified Employment Strategist and Certified Interview Strategist through Career Professionals of Canada (as well as completed a Real World Résumé Strategy course); I have a certificate through Goleman EI in Foundations of Emotional Intelligence, and am certified to deliver the EQ-i 2.0 and EQ 360 Emotional Intelligence assessments (I received my certification through EI Advantage).

Coaching helps!

Because of my experience being coached, I know what a difference it made to help me move into the next stage of my life and career change. Doing it alone is hard; having a coach (and in my case, several coaching classmates) helped with focus, accountability, and goal setting.

As a Certified Coach, I will help you stay on track, offer perspective, and help you work through your self-limiting beliefs (we all have them). l will also help you process the emotional aspect of making big changes in your life. Things come up as you work towards reaching your goal! I will remind you how far you’ve come, help you view challenges in a new light, and provided a structured, safe place to help you work through what is holding you back.

If you’re contemplating a career change, what stage are you in?

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