All the Feelings!

Who could have ever imagined that 2020 would be such a roller coaster of emotions? I’ve definitely felt each of them (sometimes more than once!) over the last six months. That’s okay. I’ve also felt calm, happy, awe, and wonder. It’s possible to feel both calm and incredibly uncertain at the same time. It’s a characteristic of resilience. It doesn’t mean you don’t feel the feelings. It means that you aren’t scared to feel them because you know they are temporary, you know you can manage them, and ultimately, you know you will be okay.

Be easy on yourself. Feel all the feelings, and let them pass. It’s when we resist them that we get stuck. If you do find yourself stuck in one of the “heavy” feelings, talk to someone, write down what you’re feeling, get some exercise, go outside…whatever usually makes you feel better. A shift in focus and perspective will almost always get you unstuck. 

When you find yourself stuck.

It’s helpful to ask yourself some questions:

What am I feeling? Get specific. Name what you are feeling. That can also help you get some perspective and help you decide if you need to do anything about it.

What’s causing the feeling? Knowing the source of what’s causing the feeling can help you decide how, or if you need to respond to it.

How should I respond? Can I wait for it to pass? This is the tricky one. If what you’re feeling is affecting your day to day enjoyment of life, and you feel like it’s starting to “settle in”, it’s time to reach out for help. Start with a trusted friend or advisor. Often talking it out will help you get perspective and help you re-focus.

Coaching, too, can help. I specialize in Emotional Intelligence coaching, and I can help you become more resilient.

Let me know how you are feeling.

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