Song of the Week – Slow and Steady

I love live music! The last show I saw before all the venues went dark was at the Casino Regina Show Lounge on February 6 – Shaun Kirk opening for Matt Andersen. Matt Andersen is an amazing blues guitarist from New Brunswick, and Shaun Kirk is an Australian musician who was on his first tour in Canada.

How often does the opening act command the audience? Shaun Kirk did just that with this song, and I’ve been a big fan ever since. Check out a clip from one of his concerts:

On social media, I’ve been very intentional about who I follow and what I pay attention to over the last few months. I pay attention to the news, and then purposely look for content that makes me feel good. Otherwise, it’s very easy to go down a rabbit hole of fear, mistrust, and misinformation, and what good does that do?

Shaun Kirk’s content is always inspiring, hopeful and purposeful. Give him a follow!

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