Do You Overshare?

I came across this article a while ago. It made me think about whether or not I overshared with my staff when I was a supervisor, and about how I felt when my bosses overshared with me.

Sharing our stories and experiences, both at work and in our personal lives, is a way to build connection, rapport, and trust. That’s a good thing, right? But have you ever started to squirm when someone at work, particularly a leader in your organization, shared private or personal information? Or have you been the one to share too much about yourself?

Developing your emotional intelligence, particularly in the area of self-regard, can help you manage what you share with people.

The article doesn’t elaborate on this part, but the other aspect to consider is your social media presence. Assume anyone can read your posts, even if you keep your profiles private or limited to friends. I personally know of situations where controversial or offensive social media posts lost people their jobs and their credibility. It can take a long time and a lot of effort to regain your reputation, so I suggest to my clients to be mindful of how they present themselves online at all times. This is particularly important if you’re looking for a new job or embarking on a new career, and potential employers/recruiters look at your social media profiles.

This is a link from the Privacy Commissioner of Canada’s website with regards to Privacy and Social Media in the Workplace. It’s a worthwhile read.

When posting online, be respectful, be factual, be authentic, and check your biases.

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