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Welcome to Collected Wisdom. I’m a quote collector, an avid article saver, a music lover, and have endless curiosity! If it has to do with personal development, emotional intelligence, career change, orwell-being, you’ll find it here. Let’s just say I’m curious about the human experience, especially as it relates to our working lives.

Through Collected Wisdom, I’ll share insights and inspiration related to emotional intelligence, well-being, career crossroads, and sometimes fun or interesting finds that have caught my interest. I will also post my own content and share content from coaches and mentors who have inspired me. I enjoy listening to music so I’ll post songs – new finds and ones I’ve been listening to for years. I’m an avid photographer, and the images featured with each post are my own.

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My plan is to update this regularly so that the information is fresh and current. You can choose to receive the posts by email by subscribing to my blog. Feel free to add your comments to any articles. I would love this to become a community where people pursuing their own personal development can share their experiences and thoughts, and receive support and feedback.

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Collected Wisdom

It’s your road, and yours alone, others may walk it with you, but no one can walk it for you.


Let’s create a community so you don’t have to feel alone on your journey.

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